About Us

The Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists was born on 30th December 1947. Since then it has grown since into the second largest society, in the field of anaesthesiology, after China with around more than 21,000 members. The members of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists have excelled academically and have contributed immensely to the research and development in the field of anaesthesiology.

The Indian Journal of Anesthesia, the official journal of ISA was published for the first time in July 1953. It was being published annually till 1957, biannually after 1958, and quarterly after 1959. Due to untiring efforts of our successive editors, IJA got indexed with Pub Med and other reputed indexing agencies. Due to a considerable increase in research in India, the publication frequency of IJA was increased to monthly issues from 2015 onwards.

In an effort to cater to the ever increasing need of the research activities in India, the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists made humble and visionary attempts to start additional journals of similar quality. The main aim was to give more space where they could publish their work,especially the younger lot.

The launching of Northern Journal of ISA (NJISA) in December 2015 is another milestone in the history of the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists. We hope NJISA, an open access peer reviewed journal as per the standards of ICMJE, will give a wider platform to present and publish our clinical and research work.

NJISA will be commited to publish the highest quality of work in the form of original studies, randomised controlled trials and meta-analyses along with informative correspondences in all branches of Anaesthesia. We hope that NIJA will improve our clinical practice and transform the practice of medicine in our speciality in India.

The ISA or the editorial board accepts no responsibility for any statements published in the journal. These statements are solely attributable to the authors; they are not necessarily indicative of the policies of the society or the editorial board.